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Loewe bild 4 

Zapni a bav se.

Vybalte, zapněte a vzhůru do akce!

OLED je fascinujícím způsobem odlišný zážitek, který posouvá vaši TV do nové dimenze brilantním podáním barev, 

is a fascinatingly different experience that takes television into a whole new dimension, with brilliant, vibrant colours, amazingly authentic pictures, an unbelievable colour spectrum and crystal-clear details. Do you want to experience the feeling of watching a football match directly from the sidelines? Or to watch a crime thriller in pitch darkness and still make out every detail? OLED transports you to the heart of the action! The Loewe bild 4 is state-of-the-art technology that is easy to install and a joy to operate. A perfect package consisting of an ultra-slim 4.9 millimetre screen, 80 watt speaker and table stand.

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